PCB:NG's Maker offerings ship in 18 days, on average. This is a guideline, not a guarantee. If you need guaranteed ship times, we offer our Expedite service that is a 5-Day guaranteed turn.

Here's how the basic timing of your order works:

Day 0: If we get your order before 2PM EST, Day 0 is that day. If we get it after 2PM EST, Day 0 is the following day.

Day 1: The clock starts ticking, for most orders. Some orders, however, are pulled out of queue for the following reasons:

  • Any ignored errors in DFM. This triggers a manual review. This will add, typically, a day to your overall turn time, but may add up to two days for complicated issues. It can be more when we're really busy. Don't ignore errors, OK?
  • Requirement for new files. In some cases, we request that orders are amended. Such files are sent for manual review, and the clock resets after the amendment is accepted, back to Day 1.

Thus, the clock may not start ticking immediately if your order has complications. You will be notified if any delay accrues due to the previous conditions.

Day 2+: Orders are put into production. Un-amended orders that have passed DFM get production priority. Some orders may be pulled of the production queue for the following reasons:

  • There's an issue with your design that is discovered in production. This happens when the wrong part is specified, or if there's a design flaw such that the order cannot be processed as specified (for example, a highly out of spec land pattern).

~Day 18 : Order is completed, and queued for shipment.

Additionally, your order may be delayed by the following:

  • Any other order amendments. May delay orders to varying degrees (or, in some cases, not at all).
  • Something is out of spec and requires special handling.