If you have a part that you would like to consign instead of having us purchase it you can specify the part as consigned on the BOM upload page.  

Please do not complete a new order with PCB:NG without having the consigned parts in your possession.  Orders with PCB:NG progress fast and if Consigned parts are not immediately available they will likely not arrive at PCB:NG in time.

The following restrictions apply to Consigned parts:

  • If the parts do not arrive in the manufacturers original packaging, we will offer limited guarantees for that order - meaning that if we determine that the part in question contributed to a poor outcome, we will not issue any refunds.

  • If the parts require baking before use, keep in mind that this is not a service that we offer. Thus, we'll run it as is and will offer no guarantee for that order.

  • We require that all Consigned parts meets our Supported Component Types requirements.

  • It is important you send us your consigned parts right away. We are not responsible for delays to your order because of missing consigned parts.

We strongly recommend using parts that are sourced from reputable distributors.

Please send parts to:

PCB:NG, Inc.

Consigned Parts Receiving

1093 Pacific Street, Suite 2C

Brooklyn, NY 11238

Make sure you have have the part Manufacturer and the Manufacturer part number along with your order number on all packages you send to us. 

Drop shipping parts directly to PCB:NG from your supplier has a tendency of not being well identified. Unidentified parts sent to us will likely cause delays and confusions for your order and know one wants that.