Generally speaking, Gerber output from PADS is not much of an issue. NC Drill output, however, is more problematic, and many user defaults do not work with PCB:NG due to non-conventional formatting.  We have tested settings that work best with PCB:NG, and strongly suggest them. 

Please use the following settings in the PADS NC Drill Setup dialog if you're having compatibility issues (screenshots, below):

  • Output Type: ASCII
  • Units: English (00.0000)
  • # of Digits:
    • Leading: 2
    • Trailing : 4
  • Zero Suppress: None
  • Coordinates: Absolute
  • Format Stings:
    • Drill File Start:                M48@nINCH@n%
    • Tool Selection Start:       T@tC@dF@fS@s@nT@t
    • Drill Hole Coordinates:   @x@y
    • Drill File End:                  @rM30

Example Screen Shots:

Many thanks to Timothy Luo for his help with this issue.