EconoMode is a great way to enjoy the benefits of PCB:NG's assembly service, if you have a design that allows for some flexibility. EconoMode is 25% cheaper than our current "standard" pricing for quantity 6. Addtional discounts are available at quantity 24+ and at quantity 120+

If your design meets the following specifics, your order will qualify for special EconoMode pricing. General criteria:

  • 2-Layer designs
  • Pass our automated DFM tests without ignoring errors
  • A maximum of 15 unique parts in your BOM
  • All parts qualify as EconoMode parts.

To clarify, you may have as many placements of a given part in your BOM as you'd like (as space and clearance allow), but you can only have up to 15 different parts in your BOM.  So for this example:

...there are 6 unique parts, but since some of them are used more than once, 8 total placements. So you could add 9 more unique parts to the BOM and still have the design qualify for EconoMode.

All other PCB:NG constraints and specifications apply.