Sometimes, you either cannot find your parts in the Placement Windows, or they might look weird. We call situations like the following example, and other similar issues, "Parts In Space". You may get a warning before, which leads you here:


If you missed the warning, you might see something like this:

... or you might get a "blank" screen, or other weirdness. To figure out what's happening, try clicking on the button. This should reveal all parts, and their relative location to your board. If it looks like this:

... you probably have to fix your files. Check the following:

  • Make sure that you're outputting all of your files (Drills, Gerbers and Pick and Place) using the same origin. We suggest setting everything to 0,0 as the origin (also known as "absolute mode") when outputting anything .
  • Make sure that you're setting your units correctly when uploading Pick and Place files.

Seriously, it's almost always one or the other. Fix, re-upload, and everything should be ducky.