We may accept orders using parts that are not or cannot be sourced from our system.

If a part is available at a distributor, but not showing up in our system, please open a support ticket. In some cases, it's an issue with our database, that once fixed, will allow you to order directly from our system.. In others, we can typically order the part for you, invoice you for the cost of those parts, and deliver a happy outcome.

Less commonly, we may accept consigned parts. If we do, the following restrictions apply (and again, this is only for user-supplied parts):

  1. If the parts arrive outside of original packaging, we will offer limited guarantees for that order - meaning that if we determine that the part in question contributed to a poor outcome, we will not issue any refunds.

  2. Alternately, we may, at our discretion, issue a full refund, or issue a partial refund and ship back any unused parts and/or PCBs, depending upon when this condition is discovered, and if discovered before we start manufacturing.

  3. If the parts require baking before use, keep in mind that this is not a service that we offer. Thus, we'll run it as is and will offer no guarantee for that order.

We strongly recommend using parts that are sourced from reputable distributors.