You can access all order-related functions by selecting Order History from the drop-down User Menu found in the upper right corner on all parts of the PCB:NG website:

Once selected, you'll be presented with a history of all orders every placed on PCB:NG. Each order that you've placed will appear in its own section:

Details about the various information and options available for a given order:

Order Details

Clicking on Order Details (or on the price shown) will present a copy of your itemized invoice.


The status shown will indicate at what stage of our process that your order is at. The full list of process stages:

Pending Review
Order has been placed; design is queued for review. Orders with ignored errors may be delayed at this step.
On Hold
Something is wrong, or we need more information. Orders On Hold may be delayed.
Queued for Fabrication
PCBs for your order are being created. Once an order has been promoted to this status, users cannot alter their PCB, change their BOM, or cancel.
Queued for Manufacturing
Your order is either headed to packaging if you've ordered bare PCBs, or headed to the assembly line for PCBA orders.
Shipped Your order has been QA'd, packaged and delivered to the shipper.
Cancelled  Your order has been cancelled.

Duplicate Board, Reorders

Duplicate Board lets you easily re-order, or create a new order with minor changes. Clicking on Duplicate Board will bring up Your Boards, with a new addition, similar to the example below:

The duplicated board will have the previous name and order# appended. You can use the tools found in the various tabs to rename the board, change the BOM, or alter component position and orientation. Once you've duplicated the board (and made changes, if required), simply go ahead and order normally.

View/Edit Board (Order Amendments)

The View/Edit button allows you to make corrections to your order. You can elect to change the following, depending upon the current status of your order:

  • BOM
  • Part Placement/Orientations
  • Board files (Gerbers, Drills)

All Amendments to your order are subject to manual review, and must be approved to take effect. This may delay your order. Not all Amendments can be approved. For example, once boards are Queued for Fabrication, an Amendment involving new Gerbers/Drill files could not be approved - the order is already being created.

Clicking on View/Edit will present you with a limited set of options where you can make changes. Once you've made changes, you must either click on the Amend button that appears (or cancel the change by clicking on Discard):

After clicking on Amend, the order will require review, which may delay your order.  Boards under review may not be further amended.

Additionally, your Order History will now reflect that an order has been amended, and allow you to see the history of such changes, by the appearance of the View Order Changes button:

Clicking on that button will display a change history:


Once your order has been promoted to Shipped status, your Order History will update to reflect that, as well as provide tracking information: