Not all components can be placed on all designs, no matter the intention of the designer. This is especially true for parts that have mechanical considerations. Please note that we do not test fit parts in advance, or examine every assembly permutation in advance. It is the responsibility of the designer, and the client, to ensure that the parts specified are actually suitable for assembly.

Our policy is:

  • If the part can be reasonably placed, correctly, we'll do so.
  • If the part cannot be reasonably placed, we'll make our best effort to do so.

Examples of parts that cannot be reasonably placed, but not limited to:

  • Non-standard land patterns for a given component.
  • Parts with tabs/pegs or other mechanical projections that either do not fit, or do not fit well enough to allow for automated placements.
  • Parts that require a specific solder paste pattern, and such pattern is not provided.
  • Designs that do not use thermal relief and/or designs that suffer from very large thermal gradients during reflow.
  • Incorrect parts (e.g., a 1206 part specified for an 0805 land pattern).
  • Courtyard issues - parts are too close together.

In some cases, best effort means that we'll employ adhesive to aid in the assembly process. In other cases, it may mean that we simply return the design and the unused, unsuitable parts.