The green pin/pad

The green pin/pad is context sensitive, and it follows typical marking conventions for different types of parts:

  • ICs, and other multipin/pad components: Pin 1.
  • Diodes/LEDs: cathode. This is only for two pin/pad components; for multipin/pad, defer to IC conventions.
  • Polarized Caps: "positive" or anode.

Generic vs. non-generic parts

Sometimes, we have enhanced data about a part. If we do, we show what we believe the correct geometry of the part. This is a "non-generic" part:

However, we sometimes don't have accurate information, so we need to use a stand-in until we're able to generate it. Thus, you may encounter generic parts. Generic parts always appear non-polarized by default:

Now, if that part was a resistor, or a ceramic cap, you'd be all set. But it's an LED - so we're going to need you to configure it correctly. If you didn't, we'd place it without regards to polarity, and then it's a coin flip as to whether you're happy or not. 

First, select the correct footprint type, here:

Doing so will make the generic appearance more suitable to the part in question. You can move it, resize it, or confirm it. And best part? What you see is exactly what you'll get.

How to deal with "Wrong" footprints

Let's say that this footprint appears to be incorrect:

If that's the case, simply select it, and click on "Use a generic footprint"

Once you've done that, you can select the correct type:

You may now rotate, resize (if the resize "handle" is present), and confirm. In this example, pin #1 is in the upper left (the circle in the upper right is the resize handle).

Is there a way to move parts more precisely?

You may use the arrow keys on your keyboard to "nudge".

What happens when the silk markings and the Placement configuration don't match up?

Always assume that we're never going to look at the silk markings.

For example, let's say that a user sends an order with this in the Placement Window:

...then this will be the result, and we'll consider it correct:

So, please ensure that your placements are verified before placing an order.