PCB:NG, Inc. ("We") only warrant that we’ve assembled things correctly, that our PCBs are correct, and that the components you spec’d are what you received. We will not warrant or guarantee functionality or suitability for purpose; this is for the purchaser to ensure. Our maximum liability for your order is the cost of the order. We reserve the right to request supporting documentation before issuing refunds, especially when no workmanship defects are evident.

In other words, we’ll refund your money if we screw things up during assembly, or if our software somehow mungs your PCB design, or if our software causes the wrong components to be placed - but we won’t be responsible for the functionality of your design. If we assembled it or fabricated it incorrectly, that's on us. Functionality is up to you.


There are, of course, exceptions. If your design is such that it cannot be manufactured correctly - you have thermal issues, or you're using a non-standard land pattern for a part, or you've specified the wrong part,  for example - it may mean that we'll have to produce on a best-effort basis. This doesn't happen often - our process is very tolerant.

Lastly, any substantial modification to what we deliver may end our responsibility. For example, if you add or remove parts from the board, we may not honor any warranty or guarantee. Adding through-hole parts does not typically trigger this; adding anything SMT typically does. Removing anything almost always will. Nonetheless, we'll consider any such situation on a case-by-case basis.

Expedite Guarantee

We will issue the following refunds, upon request:

  • If an Expedite order ships later than Day 5 (as defined here), but within two business days later, we will refund the price difference between Expedite and Standard service.
  • If an Expedite order ships later than two business days later than Day 5, we will refund 100% of your PCBA fees.

Refund requests may be made by responding to, or opening a support ticket. Refund requests must be received within seven days after shipment. Refund requests after this period, or via other channels, will not be honored. Refunds will be made to the credit card account originally used for order payment, and will be made as quickly as our payment processor allows.