Can I get a different mask color/copper weight/finish/via sizes/pod bay door/etc.?

I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid that I can't do that.

PCB:NG offers standardized stackups that help us keep our prices as low as possible. While we may allow for certain special requests in the future, we currently only offer what will likely work for the vast majority of our users.

Are other batch sizes available?

We're currently only offering a single batch size - 6 - but we will be offering other batch sizes in the future.

What is the MOQ for PCB:NG?

We don't have MOQs in the same sense of other vendors; if you can put the order in, we'll fulfill it. But in specific terms, our MOQ is a single batch of any batch size that we offer.

Are multi-batch orders OK?

Knock yourself out :)

Are parts included in your flat-rate pricing?

Nope. Not sure that anyone could have a viable business doing that, but if anyone figures it out, sign us up. No need to actually place the parts - we'll just take them in their original packaging.

So, I can cram as many parts on to my board as will fit?

Depends upon your definition of "fit". All parts have a suggested courtyards, typically ranging from .1mm to .5mm. So, if you keep these suggested courtyards in mind, then yes.

Why no through-hole parts?

Surface mount is the future, man - and has been for a couple of decades, actually. While there are some corner cases where through-hole is preferred, and there are some components that are not available as surface mount, we only work with parts that allow us to provide a great value to our users.


We're fans of a certain show and short URLs.

My board is less than 1 square inch, but I'm seeing pricing for a board that area. Why?

Our minimum order size, area-wise, is one square inch.

What's up with this DFM stuff? Why do I have to correct errors? I mean, my design was fine with <INSERT OTHER VENDOR>.

So, here's the little secret with how errors are dealt with in the PCB and PCBA industries:

  • A helpful, often anonymous person fixes things for you behind the scenes, so that your design will work. Which means that they're making changes that you may not be aware of. Oh, and that gets factored into the price, which is going to be more than what we charge.

  • Or, your stuff is run "as-is", and everyone hopes for the best. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

We felt that giving users the option to actually fix their stuff was a better way. If you pass our DFM tests, you can be assured that you're going to get your design exactly as you sent it, and as fast as we can make it.

If you don't pass our DFM - well, in most cases, we'll fix your stuff if the issues are minor, or we'll bounce the job back to you if the problems are a show-stopper. In some cases, we'll run it as-is, because the nature of the error is such that it'll probably be OK. 

Right now, we're doing the minor stuff for free, but that may change in the future.

So, 12 day turn? Specifics, please.

Let's get this out of the way: this is our normal turn time. We do not guarantee it, especially as there may be factors outside our control. 

That being said, we almost always ship within 12 calendar days (no, not ill-defined business days). Almost always means over 95% of time, at current tally. The clock starts ticking the day after your order is finalized, meaning either after your last amendment, or after we receive the order in case of no amendments. In any event, if we're running late, we'll do what it takes to make things right, and we'll upgrade to overnight shipping without even being asked.