The Placement Tab is really a status page for your Parts placements, and a way to get to the Placement Window, too. Here's an example of a Placement Tab, where some Parts were listed in a Pick and Place file, and some added manually:

Parts may have one of three different status types:

  •  Not Placed : Your design uses this Part, but we don't have any placement data yet.
  •  Placed but Unconfirmed : You've uploaded Pick and Place data for this part, or manually placed the part, but you haven't confirmed the placement and orientation.
  •  Placed and Confirmed : The part is confirmed as having the correct placement and orientation.

Clicking on any of the buttons to the left, either Confirm or Place, will bring up the Placement Window.

Once all parts have been Placed and Confirmed, the Placement Window will appear as in this example:

The Placement Window is still available by clicking on any of the View/Edit buttons. Once all parts are Placed and Confirmed, you're ready to place your order.