Starting your order with PCB:NG simply means uploading your files in the PCB Tab. The easiest way to do that is to upload a ZIP archive of your Gerber and Drill files:

Sometimes PCB:NG will not be able to figure out which file contained in a ZIP archive is for which layer. If that's the case, the layer box will appear gray. Look for gray layer boxes if you see any errors. In any event, selecting a layer will turn the box green.

PCB:NG will process your files and show a preview after each file operation. Other things that you can do from this tab:

  • Clicking on the name of the board will allow you to edit it.
  • Different order types or options may be available - pick the one that you want.
  • Save or Discard any changes. These buttons only show up when you've made a change. Please save your work often.
  • The "belt" will now show your batch price. Hovering over the price will show a price breakdown.
  • You may select a new ZIP archive (and reload all layers), or you may load layers individually.
  • Clicking on the preview images will show a larger preview image.
  • A DFM Report will appear, and it will either show that your board is just fine, or it'll show that you have Manufacturability errors, and allow you to access the DFM Window.

You may have some issues with your board that require correction (or not). If that's the case, you'll see something like this, but not necessarily with the same number of errors:

If you do get a negative report, you'll need to address any issues in the DFM Window before you can place an order.