Pick and Place files are what are used to tell our machines how, and where to place your components. You may know them as Centroid files, or XYRS files.

These files are not required. If you don't have it, you can create it using our placement tools.

Accepted file formats are CSV formatted text, and new-fangled Excel (i.e., XLSX, not XLS). We suggest putting in descriptive headers. An example in CSV formatted text:

## This is my XYRS File

## There are many like it, but this one is mine




In this example, we start with comments - lines at the top of the file, starting with "##" will be ignored. The first line (after comments) has the headers, and the data starts on the second line. This matches our requirements - headers, and actual data starting on the second line.

We also support a few extensions for power users - you can add units to a header, and we'll default to that, and you can add a Manufacturer's Part Number, a Mouser, and/or a DigiKey number, too:

RefDes,X (mil),Y (mil),Side,Rotate,MPN

RefDes,X (mil),Y (mil),Side,Rotate,DigiKey

If you add Manufacturer's Part or DigiKey numbers for each line, we'll automatically do Part Search for you. One-click goodness!

For true completists, you can keep unused components in your file, and have them ignored by PCB:NG by using "DNP" - "Do Not Place". if you have an entry that uses "DNP" for the DigiKey#, or the MPN, it'll be ignored by our system. For example:


We suggest formatting according to our example, but you can call the headers whatever you'd like. In any case, we need the following information for each component if you want to use Pick and Place data:

Unique component identifier ("RefDes")

X coordinate of the component's center ("X)

Y coordinate of the component's center ("Y")

Orientation of the component, expressed in degrees ("Rotation")

The side, top or bottom, that the component is being placed upon. Acceptable values: 'T' or 'B', "Top" or "Bottom", 'A' or 'B' ('A' signifies Top), 0 or 1 (0 signifies Top). ("Side")

We like Metric units, but mils will work just fine.