Please note: these specifications are subject to change.


PCB:NG uses industry standard Gerber and Drill files. You can upload all of these files, together, in a ZIP archive, or you can upload each individually.

Gerber files for each of the following layers are required at this time:

  • Top Copper
  • Bottom Copper
  • (If applicable) Inner Layer 1
  • (If applicable) Inner Layer 2 Note: inner layers should be positive, same as top and bottom layers.
  • Top Mask
  • Bottom Mask
  • Top Silk
  • Bottom Silk
  • Top Paste
  • Bottom Paste
  • Board Outline

Do not reproduce your outline on other layers. This will lead to unwanted results.

Additionally, we suggest that you also send along:

  • Top Assembly
  • Bottom Assembly

Certain layers need to be configured properly. While we cannot provide support for your specific EDA package, the general parameters:

  • Internal layers should be output as "positive". For example, traces are shown as lines, not the absence of lines.
  • Mask Swell should be set to 4mil (or .11mm).  We have a bit more information regarding Mask layers.
  • Paste Shrink should be set to 0 (zero). If don't have this setting, you may get less than optimal results.

Drill File:

  • NC Drill or Excellon format.
  • Only a single drill file will be accepted. (KiCad user? See here) Since only a single drill file is currently supported, buried, blind or embedded vias are likewise not currently supported.
  • Note that unplated and plated holes are indicated by whether there is copper underneath the drill hit. If there is, the hole will be plated. If there isn't, it will not be plated.

We have a sample file page that may be helpful, too.