Our pricing is flat-rate, by the square inch, depending upon your grade of service. Both Econo and Standard have substantial quantity discounts, too.

While we support smaller, dimensions, our minimum size for billing purposes is 1 square inch.

Thus, if your design is 2 square inches in area, your price for boards plus assembly would be as low as (Econo):

2 square inches * $6 * 6 units = $72 for Single-sided

2 square inches * $9 * 6 units = $108 for Double-sided

Area is determined by using the smallest rectangular bounding box that will fit your design.

So, for a design that has this outline:

We'd determine your area with a bounding box like this:

Parts are extra, but they're priced the same as the distributor's normal web price. We only charge you for the parts that you use.

To make it simpler, you can just upload your files. We'll give you pricing immediately, and update it as you go.

Standard and Expedite services have the same prices for both 2-layer stackup and our 4-layer stackup.

Note: current pricing is subject to change.